Chief Optimization Officer Tools and Resources

The tools and resources found here are referenced in our book. Need a copy? Purchase it on Amazon.

Chapter 2 - Awareness

Awareness Assessment
Take the assessment and get a readback.
360 Assessment
Example questions and instructions.

Chapter 3 -Truth Telling

9-Box Tool

Chapter 6 - Ruthless Discernment

Vampire Assessment
Download and take the assessment to see how much to "suck".

Chapter 7 - Holistic Perspective

Building the Bridge
Download the tool to build your bridge.
Question Types
Build your list of powerful questions.

Chapter 8 - Facilitation

Question Tracker
Track how you do asking MORE questions.
Asylum Assessment
Take the assessment to see how well you create a safe space.

Chapter 9 - Simplification

Simplification Model
How do you stack up?

Chapter 10 - Incremental Growth

Decision Assessment
Take the assessment to see how you make decisions.

Chapter 11 - Optimization Bursts

Download our optimization burst templates.
Join one of our training sessions for expanding your ability to lead Optimization Bursts

Chapter 15 - Chief Optimization Officer Job Description

Andrea's Job Description
Grab Andrea's job description.